Business Planning for Nonprofits and Libraries

07/22/2010 - 6:00pm America/Los_Angeles
One Hour
Have you dreamt up a great program for generating new revenue streams or providing new services at your library, but you don’t know how to implement your idea and build support for it? A business plan is an important planning document for any organization trying to build support for a new business, program, or earned-income venture. A persuasive, predictive business plan demands thought and research, and while peers and mentors can help, business planning software such as Business Plan Pro (Standard Edition or Social Enterprise Edition) pulls together the wisdom and experience of entrepreneurs (social and otherwise) who develop business plans on a regular basis.

Tim Berry and Kristen Langham of Palo Alto Software, and entrepreneur Camille Rose will talk about business plans in general, their relevance to nonprofits and libraries, and how to use Business Plan Pro to help create them.