World Sleep Day Resources

A tired man in business suit sleeping in a Japan Railway train

If you're looking for a new theme that is a little different to spruce up your library for late winter, we modestly propose a celebration of World Sleep Day. This fairly new commemorative day was established in 2008 by the nonprofit World Sleep Society and will be on March 15, 2019.

The pace and distractions of modern life have caused a sleep deprivation epidemic. The CDC estimates that it now affects a third of U.S. adults and nearly all teenagers. Sleep deprivation impairs emotional stability and is associated with a shorter lifespan and an increased risk of several health conditions, including heart disease, type two diabetes, and cancer.

Here are some resources for an awareness campaign.

Free Posters

Official World Sleep Society Resources

News and Research on Sleep

Sleep-Related or Sleep-Inducing Books

Do you have a fun sleep resource? Let us know below!

Image: MAHATHIR MOHD YASIN / Shutterstock