On November 10, we had a different kind of webinar here at TechSoup called Short Evaluations of Real Websites. During the hour, web design experts Susanne Hempel and Steve Williams (both from SAP, a donor partner of TechSoup) took a look at four websites from various organizations around the country.

These organizations were gracious enough to offer their websites up to be evaluated in a public webinar forum, and I want to send my whole-hearted appreciation out to them.

These organizations are:

You can watch a recording of this webinar on TechSoup's YouTube channel.

Know Your Audience

While listening to Susanne and Steve talk about each of these websites, I began to realize that much of what they were saying revolved around one central theme: knowing your audience. There are several ways that knowing your audience can come into play when designing your website.

For example, one thing you may want to ask yourself is what your audience will want to do on your website. Will they want information on how to donate? Will they want easy access to materials and resources surrounding your organization's mission? Or do people just want to know how to find you?

Another thing to remember is that reaching out to your audience via your website may be different than reaching out to them in other ways. Writing for the Internet can be different than writing in other mediums. You can find more information and resources on writing for the web in the TechSoup article, Tips for Creating and Managing Content.

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Kyla Hunt

Webinar Program Manager

TechSoup Global