Volunteers can fill the gaps

In many public libraries, volunteers play a significant role in supporting the services libraries provide. In particular, technical support tops the list of areas in which savvy community members can help fill a crucial and valuable need.

Kristi Bryant, from the Wells Public Library in Wells, Maine, spoke to us about her library's volunteer experiences:

“We are fortunate to have two retired men who worked in the computer industry to help us with our computer upgrades and maintenance. They come once a week to download any updates to Windows, antivirus, and/or our spyware programs. They also run anitvirus and spyware scans. This two or three hours per week frees me to do my other jobs. They are very knowledgeable and work independently. In addition, they volunteer for other projects as we need them. It is a huge time and stress saver for the library!”

The MaintainIT Project will soon release the first Cookbook, focusing on the needs of rural libraries. Kristi's story and others will be spotlighted in this first guide. Check back later this month to read more about it!

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