Uncommonly Good

Earlier this week, I blogged a bit about my week in Kentucky and I have a few more posts from that trip in the works. I was there to provide "Taking on Technology" workshops with Kendra Morgan (TechAtlas). One of the things we talked about during the day was 2.0 technologies. We played 2.0 Bingo (something I've blogged about here before) and we also introduced groups to the Common Craft videos (on RSS, on Twitter, etc...). 

Quite a few people had not yet heard about the videos and it was exciting to see their reaction when we played one or two of them. The videos are fun to watch (even if you are already quite familiar with the technology) and as a trainer, I just think they are right on in the way they approach introducing technology topics. If you have not yet visited the Common Craft site, you have a treat in store!


Thanks so much for the kind words about our videos Brenda. We've been making the videos for almost 2 years now and have found a lot of opportunities in the world if training. Our hope is to build a big library of videos that are aimed at helping *introduce* complex subjects so that trainers can save time and focus on the details that are best delivered in person. Cheers!