TechSoup Limited: An Outlet Mall for Your Nonprofit (or Library)

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Barbara Shaughnessy from TechSoup's Project Implementation team penned this post earlier this week and it originally appeared on the TechSoup Blog. 

In case you missed the announcement in mid-May, we have a new, special program for product donations called TechSoup Limited. Think of it as a mix between an outlet mall and an exclusive boutique. Products available for donation in TechSoup Limited typically have limited quantities and fewer restrictions than some of the larger donor programs.

The current TechSoup Limited category includes hardware, software and services from both new and existing donors. Some products unique to TSL include a HIPAA-compliant database (CTK Apricot), Microsoft SharePoint consulting (mindSHIFT), voice over email messages (GoldMail), VoIP handsets (GIPS), and more.

Inventory is always changing, so the best way to score a deal is to check the TechSoup Limited category often. Here's how you can find it if you come back later: Visit and click the Get Products tab at the top. On the left navigation bar, you'll find the TechSoup Limited link under Browse by Category. You can also bookmark the page for easy access. Here's more about how TechSoup Limited works.

Another option, is to automatically receive notifications when new products are added to TechSoup Limited (or any other TechSoup product category), by subscribing to the TechSoup Stock RSS product feed or by signing up to receive TechSoup newsletters. See the article Using RSS Tools to Feed Your Information Needs to learn more about RSS.

Have some ideas about product donations you'd like to see in TechSoup Limited? If so, please participate in the product wishlist discussion thread in our forums. TechSoup Limited offers are made possible by the generosity of our donor partners.