Technology Skills Librarians Should Have

Sarah Houghton-Jan recently shared a "rough list" of technology skills on the ALA Learning Roundtable blog that she thought librarians should possess. In my opinion, the list is not so rough; it's impressively comprehensive and worth a look to see if your library's staff has the skills she outlined. I was especially interested in the softer skills category called "Personal Skills":

  • Continuous learning
  • Change management
  • Planning and evaluating new information technology systems
  • Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new web services
  • One-on-one training best practices

It seems that if staff can report having most or all of the Personal Skills, they're well-prepared to tackle some of the more challenging techie skills.

Take a moment to consider this thoughtful list of technology skills, and please add to the comments. There are already some worthy additions to Sarah's impressive list.