Talking about Tablets: West Vancouver Memorial Library

Thank you to Sarah Felkar, Digital Access Librarian at the West Vancouver Memorial Library in West Vancouver, British Columbia, who responded to our call for information about ways in which libraries are currently using tablets!

The Present 

In our single branch Canadian library, we have: 

  • 2 adult iPads for in library use
  • 2 youth iPads for in library use (with pre-selected apps) 
  • 1 Nabi tablet
  • 3 Kindle Fires
  • 3 Nexus 7s    

The tablets are currently catalogued and in drawers. We have a public service point with tablets on display using tethers and locks (that can be unlocked upon request for use). There are no current use policies, just different roles of different service desks. By the end of the year, we hope to have two android tablets installed in our newspaper reading room for using Zinio. The tablet will be secured with a tether, and locked so that only the Zinio app can be used. Each night it will be stored (and charged) in a staff room.    

The Future

We are currently investigating for 2014: 

  • Classrooms sets of tablets for use in instruction (and perhaps follow-up short-term loans) 
  • Lending tablets (IOS and Android) for youth & adults 

- Shared by Sarah Felkar, Digital Access Librarian

Library Edge Benchmark 9 assesses a library's accommodation of user demand for devices.Thanks to Sarah for sharing what they are doing to accommodate demand for tablets at the West Vancouver . You can also read about the Lawrence Public Library (KS) and their tablet implementation.