This Week's Webinars

Three is a magic number -- bears, pigs, wishes, and now... WEBINARS!

 This week, three MaintainIT webinars are scheduled. Participate in one, two, or all three if you like!

Thinking about Columbus

It's Columbus Day. I probably would have forgotten about the holiday, but while trying to complete my errand list for the day (mail package at post office, return books to library...), I was reminded. To be honest, the Columbus on my mind right now is the Columbus Metropolitan Library, because Helene Blowers works there.

ALA report: Library 2.0 Forum

What a trip! As usual, ALA was crazy--so much to do, so many people to see, and of course, lots of great sessions where inspiration and learning made an appearance, which was pretty terrific. One particularly fun session was the WebJunction and MaintainIT Project Library 2.0 Forum, in which librarians were invited to chat in small groups about 2.0 technologies and ideas.

Before the tool: using TechAtlas

Today I attended a WebJunction webinar on TechAtlas, a tool both small and large libraries alike have used to create comprehensive technology plans. One terrific way TechAtlas can help is by guiding brainstorming sessions. The software asks key questions that can help anticipate future needs, and sometimes that's the hardest part.

But here's my question: for those of you who have created (or ARE creating) a technology plan--either with the help of TechAtlas or not--what happened BEFORE you sat down to craft it?