Gaming in Florida

Lori Reed is most likely a familiar name to you. She's a regular contributor to TechSoup for Libraries and MaintainIT. She recently facilitated an online class for NEFLIN, "Gaming in Libraries", which was based on content from the MaintainIT Cookbook, Planning for Success. I talked to Lori after the session and asked her how it went. Here's her reply.

Going green: reducing travel and saving money

Jean Montgomery, the Network Administrator at the Superiorland Library Cooperative in Michigan created a nifty flash video that chronicles how her cooperative supports libraries distributed over the Upper Peninsula. Jean covers many topics, sharing how her organization uses a range of tools to keep in contact and offer services without breaking the bank or spending time behind the wheel.

Online training tools and tips

TechSoup's GreenTech Initiative is hosting a month-long event on reducing travel without breaking the bank. The focus this week is on online training, and since the MaintainIT Project has spent a lot of time on this topic, I thought I'd take this opportunity to gather some choice resources, webinar archives, and articles in one place.

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Uncommonly Good

Earlier this week, I blogged a bit about my week in Kentucky and I have a few more posts from that trip in the works. I was there to provide "Taking on Technology" workshops with Kendra Morgan (TechAtlas). One of the things we talked about during the day was 2.0 technologies.

Behind the Webinar!

We had another fantastic train-the-trainer webinar today facilitated by the amazing Brenda Hough.

Where do you find reliable, engaging, talented technology trainers?

This question was asked on publib about a month ago but there weren’t many answers. Please contribute by posting your tips in the comments! Lots of very practical advice for planning, recruitment, selection and supervision of volunteers can be found in one of the MaintainIT Project's free resources, Chapter 3 of the cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries.

Training Online

Each month, we host a MaintainIT webinar for trainers. The goal is to help people think about how to use the MaintainIT resources in the training they are providing. We're hosting a train-the-trainer webinar tomorrow and in this one, we will focus on ideas for using MaintainIT resources in training that you provide online.

don't just read, LISTEN!

We're super excited to announce the arrival of audio clips to our web site. Now you can read articles about librarians and tech support staff--we call them "Spotlights"--and you can also listen to MaintainIT contributors share their exeriences, too. What does this mean, exactly?

Well, it means you can hear...

Jaketha Farmer talk about training...

Training on training: WebJunction webinar coming up!

Next week at WebJunction, Lori Reed, the Training Specialist from the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County will be sharing her vast expertise of training in libraries. In this webinar, Lori will explore "why you need to get your staff out of the classroom and instead focus on creating a culture of learning in your library." Nicely said!

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