Free Webinar: TechSoup for Public Libraries--Donated Software and More!

Through, public libraries can receive brand-new software donated by top companies for use on public access computers.  For example, Microsoft Office Pro 2007 is available for a $20 admin fee or Vista for a $10 admin fee. Not only can you get donated software, you can get articles, a community forum, free webinars and more!

Attend this webinar and learn how your library can benefit from everything that TechSoup has to offer.

making life a bit greener

This month at the FLA conference in St. Pete Beach, FL, Sherry Millington, the Director of Suwannee River Regional Library, took part in the MaintainIT presentation, "Leading the Way: Stories from the Front Lines of Public Computing." As part of her talk, she spoke about techniques her library uses to save money and to keep aging technology out of the landfill. This is no easy task: Suwannee River Regional Library serves a rural community, and Sherry admitted that implementing green technology practices can be a difficult proposition.

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Cool news from the TechSoup blog:

Are there tech resources you're having trouble finding? Technology challenges you're facing? Support you'd like when using TechSoup?


flickr for GOOD, part II

Have a bit of bad news, and a ton of good news to report about the Flickr for Good partnership with TechSoup:

First, (because it's good to get the bad stuff over right away) there's one major mistake on the Flickr for Good web site that I'd like to clear up here:

Public libraries ARE eligible!

Flickr for GOOD!

Today, Flickr and TechSoup joined forces to offer a terrific program for public libraries and non-profits, called Flickr for Good.

OOPS! is important too.

Much of what we learn from public libraries can be described as "successes" or "best practices" or "hip hip hooray, it went well!" But so much can be learned from the things we don't really want to brag about, the challenges, the stuff we "should've known," and the "oops!"

Here's where you come in.

FREE stuff at TechSoup on Dec 5th!

TechSoup (MaintainIT's parent organization), is gearing up to give you free stuff to keep spam at bay. Check it out!

SPAM: it's not delicious or nutritious

I bet you didn't know that for the past 5 years, TechSoup has inaugurated November as Stop Spam Today month!

What can you do to reduce the amount of junk you receive in your in box, or even--as I just learned from the TechSoup blog--your MP3 player?