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How Much Is That Grant Really Worth?

This post originally appeared on the TechSoup blog. We thought our library audience would appreciate grantseeking and funding advice from Dahna Goldstein, the director of philanthropy solutions at Altum. 

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Not all grants are created equal, and some aren't even worth pursuing. One way to decide which grants to pursue is with a net grant calculation. You can then make the case to your executive director for why a particular grant is not worth chasing.

The net grant calculation helps discern the net monetary value a grant will provide to your organization.

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Can You Get Tech Advice from a Print Book?

I was scanning the ALA Store when a book caught my eye: Technology for Small and One-Person Libraries: A LITA Guide. Given how many of our TechSoup for Libraries members come from small libraries, I thought this book would be a great subject for our very first book review! Is this guide something that belongs on every rural librarian's shelves? Can you get technology tips from a printed book? Will even the tech-savviest of librarians get something out of this book? Yes, yes, … and yes!

A Quick Caveat on Books About Tech

I'm possibly stating the obvious here, but it's important to note that when you buy a book on technology, there is almost always going to be something out-of-date in it. Technology moves so fast that even if the publisher were to continuously release updated versions of the book, it still couldn't keep up.

 Technology for Small and One-Person Libraries was published in 2013, and although the authors do a great job of keeping the descriptions and names of technology general, there is some information that isn't quite current. For example, the social media chapter lists a few platforms and tools to check out, but doesn't include Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest, which have become quite popular among libraries.  

Doing A Quick Tech Plan

Many libraries have part time or accidental techies taking care of their technology. Is it any wonder that proper technology planning is something we have a hard time getting to? The problem is that it takes some tech planning to come up with a budget for the New Year. Here’s some resources for doing quick tech planning so you’ll have some money to work with in 2014.

What's Involved in Technology Planning — Tech Planning for Your Mission

Welcome to the first of three blog posts in our technology planning series. We’ll discuss how to maximize your resources with a well-thought-out plan, how to conduct a technology assessment, and technology planning for disaster preparedness.

What’s Involved in Technology Planning?

Reviewing Library Policies: An Important Step in Technology Planning

In a previous article, I shared resources to help you find data to be used for community assessment as part of technology planning. After your community assessment activities have helped you identify the needs in your service area, and you have used tools and resources to plan technology-related services to meet those needs, it’s time to look at your library’s policies.

Free Webinars: Microsoft Office 2010, Tech Planning and Business Planning

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Microsoft Office 2010: Web Apps and More 
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Free Tech Webinars: Social Media, Tech Planning, and Business Planning

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10 Social Media Tips & Secrets

Thursday, July 8, 2010, 11:00 AM Pacific (Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern)

Planning makes perfect

How a library IT Manager supports her system’s computers today, while keeping an eye on the future
In the northernmost part of Kentucky, Boone County Public Library is a relative newcomer to the 210-year-old county. It was only 35 years ago when the library was imagined, and has been a part of Boone County for 32 years. Since then, the library has wasted little time in catching up: today there are five branches meeting the needs of over 100,000 people. Boone County's rapid growth (it’s been among the top 50 fastest-growing counties in the United States) and prosperity have given the library the added benefit of an unusually generous budget.

Do you have a tech plan?

Perhaps you'd like to have a tech plan, but you haven't yet sat down to do it. Or maybe you're not so sure it would really make a difference. Whatever the case may be, we'd like to hear from you. Please share your experiences in a comment to this post, and also check out the latest poll on that topic, on our home page.

Share your experiences--they'll likely help someone else!

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