Spotlight on Planning, Privacy, and Passion

Have you had a chance to read our new Library Spotlight? It profiles Laura Speer and the Fayetteville Public Library. Laura and the library are spotlighted for their success with Library Edge Benchmark 10, which includes technology management policies, with hardware and software upgrades, network security policies, and patron privacy policies. 

Highly Contagious

There's a nasty cold making its germ-infested way from person to person here in Kansas City and despite washing my hands 20 times per day and eating Vitamin C like candy, it has at last caught up to me. Luckily, I telecommute so am still able to work without needing to worry about spreading the bug to coworkers. While I don't like contagious colds, I do love infectious ideas and I need to thank my friend Chris Jowaisas (MaintainIT Steering Committee member)  for my latest  bout of curiosity.The topic?? Believe it or not, it's evaluations and metrics.

New Report Published--Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2007-2008

This is great information that can be used to show the amount of technology access and support libraries are providing to their communities. Share with your stakeholders, city officials, and especially, your grant funders! I love seeing proof of all the library wireless access and technology training! --sg