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How Microlearning Can Make Your Training More Effective (and Less Boring)

How Microlearning Can Make Your Training More Effective (and Less Boring)

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning is an approach to training that emphasizes the delivery of content in bite-sized chunks, taking around 3 to 6 minutes each. This integrates with employees' daily flow much more effectively than hourlong or even daylong training sessions and also helps to target the knowledge that employees really need to learn.

Resisting Technological Change: How to Identify and Overcome Resistance from Supervisors

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Ah, the joy of conferences. Whether you attend a large national event or a small state chapter event, you are sure to come back to the library full of ideas. After all, that is the intended goal — seeing what is and isn't working in other libraries. Implementing these ideas back at your library requires getting other workers on board for the change and also requires selling the change to your supervisor. This is part two of our series on identifying and overcoming resistance to technological change at your library. Find part one on overcoming resistance from co-workers here.

Resisting Technological Change: How to Identify and Overcome Resistance by Co-workers

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The good news: Your library is finally upgrading to the latest and greatest technology! The bad news: You are in charge of the upgrade and getting your co-workers to accept the change.

In any technological change, there is always the possibility of resistance from the people in your organization. The only way to make our projects successful is to get everyone on board with the change. With no direct authority over your co-workers, this could be the most difficult part of the change. Understanding why people are resistant and the types of resistance will help you overcome opposition and have a successful project.

Staff Learning Teams: Ensuring Customer Service Excellence

The Edge Initiative toolkit helps libraries assess how their community is using library technology, identifying strengths and also areas for improvement. The toolkit includes benchmarks and Benchmark 8 states, "Libraries have sufficient staff with technology expertise to help patrons achieve their goals." This article will highlight one library's approach to fostering staff technology skill building.

Staff Technology Skills: Stories and Resources

Next week, we'll be talking to Mick Jacobsen and Toby Greenwalt about staff technology skills training (register here). It's an important topic and one we regularly address here at TechSoup. As we prepare for next week, we've gathered some of our favorite recent posts and spotlights related to staff training. Enjoy!

Staff Technology Skills Training at Sacramento Public Library

When Denise Davis, Deputy Library Director of the Sacramento Public Library, discussed the library’s experiences with the Edge Initiative last month, webinar participants wanted to know more about the staff technology skills training that Denise mentioned. In this post, Amy Calhoun, Sacramento Public Library’s Virtual Branch Coordinator, tells us more.

Upcoming TechSoup Webinars

We have lots of great webinars coming up soon. Our webinars are always free, and include great speakers in an interactive online learning environment. Get your questions answered! See our events page for full listings. 

Staff Technology Skills: Ephrata Public Library (PA)

Updated Date!! Penny Talbert and Stephanie Zimmerman will be the guest speakers for next week's Benchmark 11 webinar on staff training. I just love the Ephrata Public Library LibGuide for staff technology competencies. 

Three Free Tech Webinars for October

It's October, the perfect time to cozy up to the computer for a TechSoup webinar and a nice warm cup of cider. Hope you can join us online to talk technology!

PLA's Free Online Advocacy Training

Turning the Page 2.0 is a free public library advocacy training course developed and presented by the Public Library Association (PLA) with generous support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In this six-week, facilitated online course, library staff and supporters learn how to create and tell their library's story, deliver effective presentations, develop a compelling case for support, and build and sustain partnerships along the way.