Sherry Millington

Stories are powerful: share them!

You have stories to tell. You do! Consider this: have you ever said, "boy, we really messed up," or "this software doesn't work well for us," or "this is how we fixed this bad situation." If you can relate to any of these scenarios, we'd like to hear from you. Sometimes the most valuable and useful stories are tales of challenges, not successes (although we like those, too!). We'd love to share your stories--good or bad--so that librarians can learn from your experiences. Please get in touch with us.

making life a bit greener

This month at the FLA conference in St. Pete Beach, FL, Sherry Millington, the Director of Suwannee River Regional Library, took part in the MaintainIT presentation, "Leading the Way: Stories from the Front Lines of Public Computing." As part of her talk, she spoke about techniques her library uses to save money and to keep aging technology out of the landfill. This is no easy task: Suwannee River Regional Library serves a rural community, and Sherry admitted that implementing green technology practices can be a difficult proposition.