Gush proudly, loudly, and often

Here I sit, on a plane headed to Portland. Each time I travel to PLA or ALA, I play my own version of, “who’s a librarian?” as I scan the crowd waiting to board. Flying out of Oakland on a bus-sized plane this time, it isn’t nearly as much fun as past trips from Seattle, where gobs of librarians would happily fill the jet liner, some easy to spot with library-themed gear. 

Away we go!

Stephanie Gerding, my partner in crime, is on her way to PLA in Portland, and soon I will follow. We'll be spending much of our time at the TechSoup booth in spot #554, so if you find yourself wandering the exhibit hall isles, please stop by and say hi!


What Minneapolis looks like today (PLA!)

I don't want to alarm any of you who live in the warmer climes (that'd be me, in San Francisco), but here's a photo taken today of wintry Minneapolis:

I'm alarmed, but also pretty excited to see snow! Wear warm clothes, sensible shoes, and hope to see you there. Please stop by the TechSoup booth #1842 and say hi!