Edge Benchmarks: Community Assessment and Partnerships

I just read Tom Sloan's highly informative Public Libraries magazine piece on the Naperville Public Library (NPL) titled, "What Makes an Award-Winning Public Library Successful." This article is jam-packed with practical tips on how to manage people, data, and create a culture that is nimble and open to change. What's more, the tips Sloan outlines are directly related to the Edge Benchmarks. Read on to find out how, and while you're at it, please take a few minutes to tell us your thoughts about the Edge Beta Benchmarks. We rely on your thoughts and expertise!

BTOP Projects at Work: Collaborations between Libraries and Nonprofits

In challenging economic times, organizations can persevere and even thrive if they forge partnerships that leverage resources. Two non-profit organizations in New Mexico and Washington are using the funds from the NTIA’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant to establish partnerships with libraries that help them better serve their communities.