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JigSpace: A New Free Application for Making 3D Presentations

3D optical illusion

In my opinion, one of the functions of libraries and librarians is to facilitate the sharing of ideas, particularly ideas that can move the world forward. In that spirit, I want to tell everyone about a new free downloadable application named JigSpace. With this Window or Mac desktop app, anyone can create 3D animated presentations called Jigs. Jigs can explain, show, or teach anything in an intuitive and memorable way.

How Free Cloud Tools Enhance Public Access Computers at My Library

Children enjoying using a computer at a library

Sometimes what you yearn and work for happens of its own accord. At my public library job at a small public library in the Washington, D.C., area, I've been yearning for students to use our public computers more for educational uses and less for recreational uses. Admittedly, some of the recreational uses of our computers do fortify the mind. But it sure would be nice for at least some students to be doing their homework on library computers.

Valuing Tech Diversity at My Public Library

A windows logo and a gold dollar symbol outweighing a linux logo on a scale

Like everyone, I have my preferences about the hardware and software I like. I think it is natural to want others to share your tastes. My Somali-American programmer friend has taught me to be more open-minded. Here is how that happened.

When Public Libraries Are an On-Ramp to Open Source

Open source linux laptop computer with an illustrated penguin on the keyboard

People go to the public library to expand their horizons. At the public library, they can encounter new ideas, new perspectives, and new possibilities. Sometimes they'll even find new hobbies and new career paths.

Free and open source software in libraries

Thanks to Jean Montgomery, from the Upper Peninsula Region of Library Cooperation in Michigan, for leading today's MaintainIT webinar, "Free and Open Source Software in Libraries". Thanks also to the many participants. It was great to hear about all of interesting free and open source software products being used in libraries.