Creating Digital Signs at Butler Library

Technological advances are forcing constant changes in libraries across the nation.  It is important to note that these changes encompass more than just computer hardware and software.  At the Butler Area Public Library, located in Butler, PA, even the bulletin board has been replaced with what is commonly referred to as “digital signage.”  With digital signage, news announcements, event information, etc., can be shown throughout the library via LCD television monitors.  Fortunately, over time LCDs have become increasingly inexpensive.

When bake sales don't pay the bills

Our library is paying an hourly rate for IT services each time we need anything technical done to the computers in our care.  And the hourly rate is not cheap: $100 for the first hour, $80 for consecutive hours, plus travel each way.  I can maintain my own computer, but not a library's system.  After we needed several hours' work done on our computers, I found the cost rising to a shrinking budget and needed to find a better solution than bake sales.

Weathering Technology Challenges

Greetings, librarians and TechSoup readers! My name is Jim Boyd, and I’m a midwestern librarian who, like you, has been in the tech trenches for the last couple years, watching as more and more of our users come into our libraries with more and more gadgets, computer questions and technological needs. I recently had the chance to speak to some of you about that very topic at the 2011 Library Technology Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota, in March. I was hosting a presentation called, “When Did I Become Tech Support?: Shepherd in the Rural Digital Wilderness”.