Getting Started with Arduino: At the Library?

Many libraries are finding new ways to support DIY (do it yourself) culture in their communities. One of the things I'm seeing discussed is the arduino micro-controller, with some libraries providing arduino classes. I've found some resources and references, but would love to hear from you. What are you doing (or thinking about doing) related to arduino?

Cool App Roundup: Library Edition

This Cool App Roundup from App It Up highlights how apps can help libraries connect with patrons and provide services in new ways.

Many libraries accomplish this by creating standalone apps or a mobile-friendly website and library catalog. But these aren’t the only ways apps can help organizations share resources or get their message out. We hope the ideas below will inspire libraries (and nonprofits!) to think about innovative ways to use apps and mobile technology.

App It Up for Nonprofits and Libraries

We're happy to announce the launch of our new App It Up page for nonprofits and libraries. This page is where we'll be sharing what we're learning through the App It Up project.

Unemployed Turn to Libraries

On July 31, The Financial Times reported that an increasing number of people are venturing out to libraries in order to seek out job counseling, career expertise, and Internet access in order to find jobs in our tough economic climate.

Twitter, how you've changed... me.

I was a Twitter skeptic, and then a Twitter admirer, and I admit I'm at times bored by what some reveal in 140 characters, but I still continue to discover greatness, especially from libraries that use Twitter.

Uncommonly Good

Earlier this week, I blogged a bit about my week in Kentucky and I have a few more posts from that trip in the works. I was there to provide "Taking on Technology" workshops with Kendra Morgan (TechAtlas). One of the things we talked about during the day was 2.0 technologies.

they saw hope pass by... the power of photographs

Sometimes all of this talk of new technology -- especially web 2.0 technology -- can dilute the intent, the purpose of using it in the first place. To help soften the noise around a couple technologies and offer some straight talk about how to use them, this past Monday, TechSoup offered a free webinar on Twitter and Flickr. I was tasked with answering questions in the chat area, and had the opportunity to learn how others were using these technologies, and in particular, how they were using them well.

Wish list 2.0

Libraries have been quite successful using wish lists to expose their needs. When a community member sees something tangible they can donate, such as a printer or a bookshelf, they often feel motivated to help out. This is not a new idea. At the Rural Library Sustainability Workshop, libraries shared stories of televisions, paint, art supplies, and other commodities community members donated.

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