Keeping kids safe on the Internet: one library's story

The Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System has put in place an Internet Safety Education Program featuring the NetSmartz Workshop, an animated, interactive, age appropriate software program designed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  This educational tool teaches Internet safety awareness to children, teens, parents, guardians, and educators and is available in three grade levels. The one thing that impressed our staff the most was that the workshop is totally self-contained.  A student can work through the entire program without assistance from library staff.

Information Health and Transliteracy

Is someone at your library following the work of the Knight Commission on Information Needs in a Democracy? Their research and reports provide lots of evidence supporting those of us who argue that our representatives need to support libraries,  good journalism, and a wider ecosystem of adult learning opportunities.

Despite Demand, Libraries Cut Public Access Computing Due to Bandwidth

Internet by rosemarylong on FlickrNot long ago, I blogged here about how many libraries have seen an uptick in demand for their free Internet access as a result of burgeoning unemployment rates. Well, a co-worker dropped the local section of the San Jose Mercury News on my desk last week because of a front-page article that expands on the topic.

Wednesday fun!

This comic strip was shared on the KLA listserv in Kentucky. Thought it was worth sharing!




The original comic lives here:


Debate on Boing Boing

A colleague sent me this link about a 'library's clever answer to network filtering,' and what's more interesting to me, is not so much the sign, but the comments to the post, below it.

Commenters debate computers in public libraries, filtering, even how much "actual research" is going on at libraries. Those of us ardent supporters and users of libraries have plenty of opinions on these topics, but isn't it interesting to hear them aired in such an open and public forum? Check it out!