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Edge Benchmarks: Volunteer Technology Trainers

In this blog series, we are taking a close look at technology training models in public libraries, sharing successful examples and identifying tips and best practices. We recently took a look at mobile lab instruction as a way to reach people in the community outside the library walls. In this post, we examine various ways to utilize volunteer technology instructors, bringing the skills and interests of the community into the library.

Strategic Planning on a Shoestring: Making Less = More (and Sharing It!)

Coming out of several years of budget cuts, the Cherokee County Public Library's determination to revamp and revitalize its resources, services, and programs provided the impetus for the development of a new strategic plan.  With no money for outside consultation, we began a process that would allow us to do what we do best:  find the best information relative to our organization, and utilize the strengths of our staff and stakeholders to form a plan that would benefit the community as a whole.

Edge Benchmarks: Mobile Computer Labs

In this technology training blog series we identify tips and share best practices from public libraries. We have taken a look at individual technology instruction and open lab assistance as methods to provide flexible training in the library. This post explores several ways to offer technology instruction by taking computers out to the community.

The Edge Initiative and Small and Rural Libraries

Small and rural libraries comprise the dark matter of the American civic universe. Within the space beyond the bright lights of urbanity, they underpin the cultural energy of communities.

Helping Timmy with Tech

I have a confession to make: I love information. What I mean is I tend towards curiosity. I like to push buttons and poke around with stuff. I like to research where words come from and what make things go. I am generally interested in almost anything and am generally sure I can figure out most anything.

Small Libraries on the Edge

If you’ve been following this blog, you have an idea of the scope of the Edge Initiative.  It’s a big project, with a lot of to-do items:

Digital inclusion through the lens of local government

Recently, I was asked, "why are city/county managers interested in digital inclusion?"

Good Enough isn't Good Enough: Thoughts on the Edge Benchmarks

As a librarian and as a leader, I’ve always loved standing at the crossroads of the Big Picture and the Day-to-Day Details, but it’s an uncomfortable place for a lot of people whose strengths lie in one area much more than the other. In spite of that, I have a habit of dragging people closer to that intersection than they really want to be.

Edge Benchmarks: Open Lab Assistance

We are taking a close look at models of successful technology training programs and sharing ideas for how to create similar programs in your library. In our last post we looked at ways to provide individual technology instruction to maximize flexibility with one-on-one assistance. In this post we look at how offering assistance in an open lab format can also provide flexibility and focus to your technology training.

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