Green Library Practices and our New Newsletter Style

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Free U.S. EPA and TechSoup Webinar: The Biggest Green IT Opportunities for Nonprofits and Libraries

I recently attended the Green IT Summit in Washington DC and got a chance to see Mike Walker’s great presentation on all the new things that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program is up to. Right then I wanted to try and find a way for nonprofits and libraries to have the same experience.

Are E-Readers Greener than Books?

Currently the top selling electronic devices are e-readers like the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Sony Reader, and also the Apple iPad, which runs the iBooks application, a free e-book reader program and gateway to Apple's iBookstore. The question is: are e-readers greener than books?

Confessions of a Paper Person

I like paper. My boss once labeled me a "Paper Person" after admitting that she doesn't use paper. Notebooks, notes, stickies: you have no place on her immaculate desk! And then there's my desk... I take notes, I have checklists, I read magazines, books, and I prefer to read printed copies of content I find online. That last admission is a hard pill to swallow, but it's true.

It IS easy being green.

I'm part of a ThinkTank that is comprised of librarians and industry leaders interested in green practices in libraries. We've met just a few times, but what seems to surface during each meeting is our desire to debunk green and make it easy.

TechSoup's New Year's resolution: go green and travel less!

TechSoup has launched another practical series of New Year's resolutions this year, the year of the ox. Read on to learn how, just like the ox, this installment includes ideas that are dependable, calm, modest, and stable.

Learn how to reduce your paper use

TechSoup's GreenTech initiative is hosting a free webinar TOMORROW on how to change your printing ways. Learn about tools you can use to make the world a bit more green. Here's to more trees and fewer stacks of paper clogging my desk! Check it out: