Social Networks and Marketing: the Lester Public Library Experience

I was hired for my first-time directorship at the Lester Public Library (LPL), Two Rivers, Wisconsin in March of 2007.  Becoming a part of this rural community of roughly 12,500 people driven by agriculture and manufacturing on the shores of Lake Michigan was going to be a challenge.  I wanted to have an active role in the community, sooner rather than later. To my delight, social networking helped me achieve this goal, quicker than I had ever envisioned.

TechSoup's New Social Media Curriculum

TechSoup's new Social Media Curriculum is a great site to check out if you are trying to catch up with the most used social media tools, looking for a great tool for training purposes, or wanting an easy way to educate newbies. It also has some great ideas for using these technologies to build your community connections including tons of tips, videos, and links

Stories are powerful: share them!

You have stories to tell. You do! Consider this: have you ever said, "boy, we really messed up," or "this software doesn't work well for us," or "this is how we fixed this bad situation." If you can relate to any of these scenarios, we'd like to hear from you. Sometimes the most valuable and useful stories are tales of challenges, not successes (although we like those, too!). We'd love to share your stories--good or bad--so that librarians can learn from your experiences. Please get in touch with us.

Marketing with Images and Video Webinar

This morning I listened to the archived recording of Marketing with Images and Video: Engage, Inspire and Tell your Story a WebJunction webinar broadcast yesterday. It featured my good friend and engaging raconteur, Michael Porter (a.k.a. Libraryman), co-presenting with Jeff Dawson, director of Lester Public Library in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

ALA report: Library 2.0 Forum

What a trip! As usual, ALA was crazy--so much to do, so many people to see, and of course, lots of great sessions where inspiration and learning made an appearance, which was pretty terrific. One particularly fun session was the WebJunction and MaintainIT Project Library 2.0 Forum, in which librarians were invited to chat in small groups about 2.0 technologies and ideas.

flickr for GOOD, part II

Have a bit of bad news, and a ton of good news to report about the Flickr for Good partnership with TechSoup:

First, (because it's good to get the bad stuff over right away) there's one major mistake on the Flickr for Good web site that I'd like to clear up here:

Public libraries ARE eligible!

Flickr for GOOD!

Today, Flickr and TechSoup joined forces to offer a terrific program for public libraries and non-profits, called Flickr for Good.

Flickr your Cookbook!

Take a photo of your Cookbook at your library, and join the MaintainIT Cookbook Flickr group! It's easy, fun, and well... FUN! Check it out!

Do you have a MaintainIT Cookbook?

If you don't have one, get one here! Once you've downloaded what you need--or the whole thing--take a picture of yourself with your new Cookbook, and join the MaintainIT Cookbook Flickr group!

It's easy, fun, and, well, FUN! Check out photos of libraries and contributors to the project, and please join in.