Dubuque County Library

Inspiring confidence

What inspires confidence? Is it a well-used and dog-eared tech manual? Is it a patient techie? Someone from your unofficial support network? A common theme in our interviews is how perspectives change and comfort zones increase when librarians and staff become more confident with technology.

talking tech

Seems like everyone we talk to has a story about communication between techies and staff. Here are a few of the latest...

Eric Brooks, from Placer County Library in Auburn, CA is the system-wide techie department of one:

"Some people think, ‘I don't know anything about computers,’ and they just kind of clam up when they want to talk about them. And you try to set them at ease."

Becky Heil, from Dubuque County Library in Farley, IA said:

Need some extra techie help? Advice from the field.

Libraries use volunteers or local help all the time to fill the gaps in the services they provide--program support, shelving, circ desk duties, and sometimes technology. The latter can be tricky, and as Becky Heil from Dubuque County Library in Farley, IA shared,

on not reinventing the wheel...

All sorts of ideas are coming together this fine December morning...

First, I wanted to tout the inspired work of Annie Adamson, the System Administrator/Teen Young Adult Librarian/Reference Clerk -- that's a lot of hats! -- at the Caldwell Public Library in Caldwell, ID. You can read more about her in the latest Library Feature.