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The Latest Library Tech Trends for 2019 from the LITA Top Tech Trends Committee

The LITA Top Tech Trends Committee panel of library technology experts presenting at the ALA conference in Washington, D.C.

The latest LITA Top Tech Trends Committee put together a diverse panel of library technology experts to talk about trends and advances in library technology at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. The panelists discussed artificial intelligence, network security, online news literacy, data mining and curation, cloud computing, coding for the very young, girls in STEM, cutting-edge humanities scholarship, and data literacy education. Here are the panelists and the emerging trends. — The New Hotmail

If you’re one of the 300 million or so people who used Hotmail free webmail, you probably know by now that Hotmail is no more and that you’ve been switched over to

Three Free Tech Webinars for October

It's October, the perfect time to cozy up to the computer for a TechSoup webinar and a nice warm cup of cider. Hope you can join us online to talk technology!

Do More in the Cloud with Microsoft SkyDrive

Want to access your files wherever you are, without sacrificing the Microsoft features and formatting you use every day?

Then check out what Microsoft’s cloud-based storage and collaboration solution, SkyDrive, can do for you.

Join TechSoup's Cloud Computing Worldwide Campaign

Cloud computing is impacting libraries in many ways. You might already be using the cloud on a basic level, if you have an email account such as Gmail or Hotmail, or if you use Dropbox or Flickr. Cloud computing is a term used for applications and other IT services available over the Internet and can enable your library to save money, but are there risks? 

Just Added to TechSoup: Build the Database You Need with Caspio

Caspio Bridge, now available as a software donation through TechSoup, can be used to create, customize, and host multiple databases all in one place. With this cloud-based tool, you can build searchable online databases and tailor them to your library’s needs.

Free Webinar Today:To the Cloud! What it is & why it matters for nonprofits & public libraries

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest tech trends, then you’ve been hearing the term “cloud” thrown around a LOT. But what does that actually mean, and does it really matter to nonprofits and libraries? Join us for this free webinar to help nonprofit leaders demystify what is meant by the cloud, how it could benefit your organization, and what questions to ask if you are considering cloud solutions.

Free Webinar: Cloud Computing

The term cloud computing is being used more and more, but what is it and why should you understand it? In this free TechSoup webinar we will explain what cloud computing means, define the different types, discuss how it is impacting nonprofits and libraries, and outline some criteria for use. The challenges of using the “cloud” will be discussed, as well as whether cloud computing will simplify your life and reduce software and IT staffing costs.