A Quick Guide to Making Online Tutorial Videos

The demand from patrons in the Sonoma County Library (SCL) system for e-reader assistance was high — and something needed to be done. At the time, I was working as a part-time circulation technician, and I was aware of the need for something that could help people at home, or that nonprofessional staff like myself could direct people to during busier times at the reference desk.

What is Cloud Computing and How will it Affect Libraries?

As with many questions about the future of technology, I’m afraid that the only completely honest answer to the questions in the title of this post is probably “I don’t know and neither does anyone else”. So pardon me while I make a provisional attempt to answer this unanswerable question.

Looking for a library that wants brand-new, hand-picked, free books

The catch is that first preference goes to a small library in the Louisville, KY area. Yep that narrows it down some, but this plea for help from Michelle at the Consuming Louisville blog is something all libraries should look at. She wants to buy books for one of her local libraries, and she reaches lots of people who feel the same way, so she's starting a virtual book drive. All she needs now