Sharing TechSoup with other Nonprofits

A lot of nonprofits and libraries don't know about TechSoup and miss out on our donated hardware and software opportunities, and our free webinars, articles, and expert-led community forums. Help Us Help Them! If you tell your nonprofit colleagues about TechSoup, thousands of charitable organizations across the country can increase their impact with the help of product donations from our 41 donor partners. A few easy ways you can do this:

  • Share a link to our archived webinar, Learn How TechSoup Can Help Your Organization.
  • Tell your friends in religious or faith-based organizations that they can join us for a free webinar hosted by TechSoup Account Management Specialists. Because religious organizations are restricted by some of our donation partners, many faith-based organizations incorrectly assume that TechSoup can't help them. However, more than two dozen of our donor partners allow donations to religious organizations; and, if their organization operates a qualifying secular program, they might be eligible for additional donation programs. They can join us on August 19 at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern). Space is limited so register today!
  • Share our new digital catalog! It provides a great introduction to everything TechSoup has to offer. You can share it easily via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter with just a few clicks.
  • Let them know about our online newsletters and how to subscribe.

Thank you for your help in assisting TechSoup Global in working towards a day when every Nonprofit and NGO on the planet can get the technology they need to better achieve their missions!