Seeing is Believing

The computer and the internet are wonderful tools, but what do you do if you have limited vision? This is a problem for many library patrons and Judy Gunsaulis from Fayette County Public Library in West Virginia found a solution that worked well for her. Her library invested in ZoomText, a program that enlarges everything on your computer screen. It comes with a special keyboard whose keys are slightly larger than normal, yellow in color and sport really large letters. A patron requested a special mouse that he had used previously which allows you to enlarge the text by clicking on it. She started searching for this special mouse but was unsuccessful. Technology had progressed and companies were providing software solutions as well as hardware solutions. Judy said “I thought well, you know, that really is a better idea than just having a mouse and so that’s why I went with that.” ZoomText will also read the text aloud to you with a human sounding voice. The Alliance for Technology Access has a wealth of information on their website about products that address accessibility issues. Visit them at