PC Tools Security Software Available to Distribute to Library Patrons

We've blogged here before about the new TechSoup Limited offerings available to nonprofits and libraries on a limited basis. It was just brought to my attention that there are four TS Limited products that organizations and libraries are allowed to re-distribute to their constituents, members, and patrons.

Our donor partner, PC Tools has made their Internet Security, Registry Mechanic, Spyware Doctor, and famous Spyware Doctor with Antivirus broadly available to nonprofits and libraries -- and now to your members and users as well. 

Each of the three products includes 3 licences that can be installed on 3 different machines (for a total of 9 installations) so not only can your library use their spyware, antivirus, and registry cleaning tools to keep your public computing and employee computers functioning well, but you can share them with individual patrons and related public computing centers. According to the restrictions:

"The organization may distribute the three licenses within the donation separately for installation on computers belonging to members or constituents."

Each downloadable product is available for a $15 admin fee (again, this is 9 installations) and includes a one-year subscription to software updates and phone and email support. These regularly retail for betweeen $39.95 and $29.95 depending upon the product. Learn more about PC Tools here.



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