Need help designing and delivering technology workshops?

Well, TechSoup has a free webinar for you. It seems like it doesn't matter who we talk to--librarians, nonprofits--folks need help with training, and specifically, training about technology.

To answer that need, we've identified the best and brightest in technology training and asked them to share their expertise with you. Heck, one of them even wrote a book about tips and techniques for those of us who were tossed into the technology training world by accident. Happy accident or not, we'd like to help. Please join Stephanie Gerding, author of The Accidental Technology Trainer and Brenda Hough, the Continuing Education Consultant for the Northeast Kansas Library System as they flex their training expertise and share practical tips you can use right away. Whether you work for a library or a community technology center, are new to technology training or a seasoned expert, they’ll have something for you to use in your job. Visit this page for more information.

Be sure to register, and remember that TechSoup archives all webinars, so if you miss it live, you can attend it on your own time. 

ALSO: we've heard from a lot of libraries and nonprofits that received BTOP funding to implement training projects and many have shared their desire to connect with other organizations to learn from each other. To that end, we created the Broadband Now mailing list, where you can share your ideas, problems, and challenges with libraries and nonprofits that are organizing training events and want to learn from you. Remember that what may seem like, "that's nothing!" may be an "aha!" to someone else. Join in and share your experiences!