National Gaming Day @ Your Library

Another dispatch from the ever-informative ARSL listserv: ALA's first annual National Gaming Day @ your library is coming up on Nov. 15th this year! 

In an effort to:

  • Raise awareness about the use of games as a library program;
  • Expose people to a new type of board game;
  • Establish connections between local board game groups and the library..

ALA is offering resources on their site, including PR materials and a FREE game. (!) Check it out, and for more resources on gaming, view an archive of our recent 30-minute webinar hosted by the ever-talented Lori Reed, read MaintainIT blog posts on the topic, and be sure to check out the soon-to-be-released Joy of Computing: Planning for Success Cookbook which includes experiences, tips, and techniques on gaming programs from public libraries just like yours.

Here's the official word from ALA on National Gaming Day:

ALA provides free National Gaming Day @ your library activity resources

CHICAGO – Hundreds of libraries across the country are preparing to celebrate the American Library Association’s (ALA) first annual National Gaming Day @ your library on Nov. 15, 2008. ALA invites libraries of all types to join in the celebration by registering for two national gaming activities: a national video game tournament and a board game challenge. Libraries also can develop their own National Gaming Day activities by using free resources from the ALA Gaming Resources site at To learn more about National Gaming Day @ your library please visit