MaintainIT at Internet Librarian, Part 2

During the Technology Training in a 2.0 World session, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Porter of OCLC, Brenda Hough of Northeast Kansas Library System, and Dale Musselman of WebJunction. Brenda was one of the first folks I contacted after joining MaintainIT and she's been extremely helpful in offering information about what's needed to help libraries maintain a good level of service in public computing

Brenda stated that technical training needs to focus more on broad concepts to prepare staff to meet a variety of challenges rather than specific technology-based skills. Here are Brenda's tips for technology training that works:

  1. Encourage independence
  2. Encourage Exploration
  3. Stop trying to provide step-by-step directions
  4. Provide context
  5. Use storytelling
  6. Expect success
  7. Treat training as a collaborative project
  8. Be real world

More information about Brenda's thoughts on technology training can be found in her article in the May 2006 issue of Computers in Libraries, which is devoted to information and technical literacy. Dale concurred about the need to get away from step-by-step training, but rather to provide 2-3 minute tutorials at the time of need. These are all good points for us to keep in mind as we progress in this project.