Library Tech Trainers Sharing Resources and Expertise

Virtually every library provides technology training in one form or another. In my experience, trainers are great at finding ways to share resources and ideas with one another. Here are a few of the spaces and places of which I'm aware. What has been useful for you?

Connect with other trainers:

Discover information that can help when creating training:

What are your favorite ways to connect with other trainers and to discover information that can be useful as you create training?

Stephanie Zimmerman shared her response to that question in a blog post that is filled with good stuff to explore!

Janelle Mercer uses for evals, WebJunction for ideas, and Custom Guide for quick reference sheets

Maurice Coleman, star of T is for Training, cites the following as useful resources for keeping up with technology: @webpronews , , , , .

How about you? Share your favorites in the comments please!

Teaching classes helps community members fully utilize technology services to achieve life-enriching benefits, which fulfills The Edge Initiative benchmarks for public access technology recommendations of offering structured and scheduled technology instruction outlined in Benchmark One. Connecting with others fulfills Benchmark Nine, which is all about sharing expertise.