Interesting Uses of Technology: PowerPoint

This month TechSoup is showcasing organizations that are doing interesting things with technology. Three posts have been published that relate to using Microsoft PowerPoint. Whether you are presenting online or face-to-face, PowerPoint can be an excellent tool to add a visual element to your training.

Some PowerPoint presentations have too much text and distracting images or unclear charts. They seem to be designed only to help the speaker get through their entire lecture within the allotted time. When creating PowerPoint decks remember to focus on what you want your audience to learn, rather than merely using it as a speech aid. With a little thoughtful planning you can help increase your audience's ability to retain what is presented. The wise use of graphics can turn PowerPoint into a valuable communication tool that you can use to reinforce your most important points and better demonstrate any difficult concepts involved.

Using photos of real people and showcasing stories related to your topic can personalize the experience for your audience and create an emotional connection to the material, which is also helpful for learning. The following blog posts demonstrate best practices and important tips for PowerPoint success.

Have you used PowerPoint in an interesting way? Share your comments and stay tuned for more interesting uses of technology!