Interested in producing webinars? Learn from the experts at TechSoup

You may already know that the MaintainIT Project offers a variety of webinars on a bunch of topics. What you might not know is that TechSoup has been offering free webinars and free content for quite some time.

The experts from the popular TechSoup Talks webinar series--Kami Griffiths and Chris Peters--have culled their expertise and thoughts on running webinars and shared them with you:

You may recognize Kami's name if you contributed to the MaintainIT Project. When she's not facilitating webinars for both libraries and non-profits, she chats with librarians chris petersabout all of the impressive work they do. The Cookbooks are a product of Kami's interviews with librarians from across the country.Chris Peters had a large role in pulling together all of the interviews and expertise into the Cookbooks--a really big job! It's hard to believe these two have the time and energy to run a successful series of webinars AND share their thoughts in a comprehensive article on TechSoup. Check it out!