Gaming @ your library

We hear about how libraries are using--or not using--games in their libraries all the time. Some offer games, others don't--it's a big topic to chew on!

Just the other day, Beth McNeer from Allendale-Hampton-Jasper Regional Library from South Carolina shared her worries around kids disrupting other patrons while playing games. To mitigate this concern, her library is thinking of starting a game night:

"Letting kids play games on the computers, that's a new area for us. The smaller branches may have one night a week where they can be noisy and have tournaments. We'll also try to have a space for adults to work on whatever they're interested in. We'll advertise it so that the other people know not to show up and expect it to be quiet that one night a week. We'll 'shush!' 'em the other three nights, but not that night! "

Listening to her speak of their programs reminded me of a post I read recently on The Shifted Librarian that described a brilliant use of the Ninetendo Wii to get seniors moving in the library:

Seniors, alongside teenage volunteers, tested their mettle in the ubiquitous air-guitar video game and various other games available for the Nintendo Wii gaming system as the first step in the library’s plan to make seniors more technologically proficient and to include them in what Allan Kleiman, assistant director of the Old Bridge Public Library, called the inevitable redesign of libraries.

‘We want to get them to feel they are part of the 21st century library and not left out,’ Kleiman said….

Be sure to read the entire blog post: this super creative idea may spark other ways of using games in the library!