Free Microsoft Windows 7 Curriculum

The My PC Series is a free set of workshops designed for adult learners. Perfect for library patrons and staff, these workshops use Windows®7 and Windows Live™ Essentials to teach basic PC and digital photography skills.

Developed by Microsoft, the ten 1-hour workshops and corresponding series of eight 3-hour workshops are based on extensive research about how less tech-savvy adults learn new computer skills. Hands-on workshops take a unique, jargon-free approach to teaching a variety of ‘getting started’ topics, including Getting Started with Windows 7.

Libraries have access to free class materials, including a teacher guide, PowerPoint® slides, student handouts, and support materials to help launch and market their Windows 7 training efforts. Workshop samples, program overview, and program roadmaps for all workshops are available in the My PC Series Evaluation Toolkit. Stay tuned for news of a webinar in July to showcase tips and tricks for using this curriculum in your library.


I do not hate Microsoft, their products earn me a living and I am no lawyer. However, if I was not fairly sure that some of the the license conditions for the MS digital literacy learning my-pc series materials ( are unenforceable I would be more alarmed than I am. Having accepted the license conditions as part of the registration process there is no easy way back to review them, being a cautious soul I took a copy.

ADDITIONAL LICENSING REQUIREMENTS AND/OR USE RIGHTS. 'You will prepare for Classes using the appropriate Class Curriculum provided by Microsoft and to the same level of care when adopting any other new classes. Additionally, you will (i) ensure that the installation of any Licensed Content in a Classroom will be done in accordance with the technical setup guide; (ii) provide an appropriate computer lab setting as a learning environment to conduct the Classes; (iii) ensure that Classes focused on Windows operating system features are taught on computers running the applicable Windows operating system; and (iv) that Classroom Devices are installed with the version of the Microsoft software specified in the technical setup guide for the Class. Classroom Audit. Microsoft has the right to audit the Classes, at no cost to Microsoft, for the purpose of reviewing how the Licensed Content is being used. Microsoft will provide you with reasonable notification (including date and time) of when Microsoft plans to audit the Class.'

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