Free and open source software in libraries

Thanks to Jean Montgomery, from the Upper Peninsula Region of Library Cooperation in Michigan, for leading today's MaintainIT webinar, "Free and Open Source Software in Libraries". Thanks also to the many participants. It was great to hear about all of interesting free and open source software products being used in libraries.

If you missed the webinar, feel free to check out the archived version. It was a jam-packed hour, based on content from the new MaintainIT Cookbook, "Planning for Success".  We heard about open source solutions being used for automation, for websites, for wireless management, and more. 

Members of the NEKLS team joined the conversation to talk about their use of KOHA and WordPress, and they added to the conversation about other open source tools, too. Lee Phillips from Butte Public Library shared input based on Butte's experiences with KOHA and WordPress, too. Many others contributed specific examples of tools that are working for them, too (check out the archived webinar to hear more). 

We covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time and I think we realized that we could do a whole handful of more specific webinars down the road. And we just might do that!  What specific free and open source software topics would you like to learn more about? Or better yet, would you be willing to guest star in a webinar, talking about your experiences with free and open source software? 


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