For a Healthy Brain: Librarians as Information Guides!

Sno-Isle Libraries' "Librarians as Information Guides" project offers classes especially designed for how adults learn. These classes, as well as optional one-on-one follow-up coaching, are always free, thanks to the library and funding by The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation. 

Watch the video below to view a showcase of this wonderful project which provides thoughtfully designed and subject specific classes targeted towards the needs of community members. The training goes beyond a mere lecture to incorporate brain friendly do-it-yourself activities taught by expert librarians. Librarian trainer Christa Werle shares, 

We get up out of our chairs. We do lots of dynamic interactive activies that help adult learners learn and continue that learning outside of the class.



The classes include interesting topics such as, "Healthy and Happy for Life," which is based on current brain research and includes information on how the library can provide ongoing support for the participants, empowering their community members to live vibrant, engaged lives. Other topics include:

  • Mythbusting Science Information

  • Be an Informed Consumer

  • Smart Investing Resources

  • Downloading eBooks at Your Library

  • Navigating the Online Health Information Maze

Visit for more information. 
These classes help community members fully utilize technology services to achieve life-enriching benefits, which fulfills The Edge Initiative benchmarks for public access technology recommendations of offering structured and scheduled technology instruction outlined in Benchmark One and Benchmark Six (health and wellness topics).


I love this emphasis on the brain. Brain research is referred to really frequently when talking about services for children, but I think it's great to have this attention paid to it at the adult level, too. Any idea which classes have been most popular for Sno-Isle?