Coding for Kids: Learning a Future-Proof Skill

Kids learning computer-based skills at a library

The sort of life skills we are encouraged to acquire at an early age have varied through the ages. Today's young generation can consider coding to be a basic literacy requirement if they hope to enjoy a meaningful working career. Coding for Kids: How to Get Started is a free resource that is perfect for library STEM programming. It is aimed at giving librarians, parents, and teachers access to a wide range of information and external links that are useful for anyone interested in learning the basics of coding.

Coding Opens Doors

The tech industry is likely to play a pivotal role in the future world we are creating. Even if a career in that field doesn't appeal to kids, a working knowledge of coding opens a lot of doors in a wide variety of disciplines.

Beyond the obvious advantage of learning to code for brighter employment prospects, there are numerous reasons why this future-proof skill is something to encourage your kids to learn.

Math Skills and Soft Skills

It is likely that learning coding improves math skills and helps kids to visualize abstract concepts more easily and in a more entertaining way than more traditional teaching methods do.

There is also a good chance that learning coding will help kids to sharpen up and develop a number of useful soft skills, including better organizational abilities and improved focus. In addition, because coding can help teach logical communication, it can boost children's verbal and written skills.

Learning a different language is always considered a positive attribute, and that is what you are doing with coding.

Coding for Kids: How to Get Started

The Coding for Kids: How to Get Started site highlights resources that introduce such fundamental programming languages as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. These give you the foundational knowledge that will get you ready for the next level.

There are sites to visit that allow children to learn code by doing fun exercises. They deliver useful programming knowledge in a subtle but informative way that is perfect for a novice coder.

Foundation Stones for a Brighter Future

Children have minds like sponges, and they generally absorb new information at an impressive rate. Early age is a perfect time to introduce them to coding so that they can lay the foundation stones for a brighter future with these necessary skills.

Kids who learn to program early also often go on to enjoy a greater understanding of logic and advanced thinking that goes beyond programming skills.

Applying Computational Thinking

It can't be emphasized enough just how relevant and important coding for kids is and why it has to be appreciated that software is the language of our modern world. It would be wrong to say that every job in the future will involve some sort of programming ability to perform. And not every child will need to be a software engineer to have a career in the digital age. However, the ability to perform computational thinking will definitely be an asset that is worth having.

The ability to apply computational thinking to a variety of problems will help you comprehend and master many aspects of technology and solve challenges across a diverse range of disciplines.

Giving kids the tools to understand coding is almost like providing them with the blueprint for understanding how the modern world works. Even if they don't pursue a career as a software engineer, it is quite clear that they will most likely benefit from knowing how to think this way.

Coding as a Future-Proof Skill

Learning programming language early in life will be a future-proof skill that should prove to be an investment and an attribute well worth having. Our kids should be encouraged to start out on that path as early as possible.

Understanding coding will let kids gain a greater comprehension of the world around them. That has to be a good enough reason to set them on the coding path and spark their imagination into learning such an important language.

Editor's note: ALA has a new ongoing grants program called Libraries Ready to Code. Stay tuned for information on the next grant cycle for this opportunity.

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