Bringing Solar-Powered Digital Libraries to Haiti

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Inveneo is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that's passionate about expanding the tools of technology and educational opportunities to those who need it most in the developing world. In late November 2015, we launched our first ever Generosity (by Indiegogo) campaign to raise funds to deliver 15 Solar-Powered Digital Libraries to Haiti. Check out more details about our project and ways you can support it below!      

The Problem: Limited Learning Resources and No Internet

We designed the Solar Library because we've worked in many remote areas of the world where schoolchildren lack (or only have limited access to) books and basic learning resources, much less computers or the Internet.

Transporting volumes of books or computers to schools can be expensive and logistically daunting. Digital libraries — tablets or computers (PCs) loaded with thousands of e-books and other educational resources — have begun to enhance learning in the developing world. However, many existing digital library solutions require Internet or power.

The Solution: A Solar, Digital Library

Inveneo's Solar Library is a self-sustaining, offline digital library designed for schools lacking educational resources, Internet, and power. It includes five Google Nexus 7 tablets with Gumdrop cases; a renewable energy charger kit; a Raspberry Pi mini-server with RACHEL educational content (such as Wikipedia; thousands of Khan Academy math and science video lectures; more than 3,000 eBooks from Project Gutenberg; a full medical encyclopedia and health guides; teacher resources; and much more) and a Pelican case.

We have tested the Solar Library at our laboratory in San Francisco and are currently piloting the design in Mali in partnership with a local NGO. Inveneo will provide a training on how to use and maintain the Solar Library in collaboration with its local partners for any local or international NGO that deploys the libraries in the field.

Help Light Up Learning in Haiti Today

There are various ways you can support our campaign, which ends on January 31!

1)     Participate in our referral contest and you could win a free Nexus 7 tablet

a)      Log in or create a Generosity account at

b)     Use the referral tools at the bottom of our campaign website to share the campaign with your networks by Facebook, Twitter, and email

c)      Win a free Nexus 7 tablet for being one of our top three referrers!  

2)     Donate $10 and receive a free Haitian music download as a perk (Be sure to click on $10 Haitian Music Download on the right side of the page under Donation Levels)

3)     Donate $100 and receive handcrafted Haitian metal artwork as a perk (Be sure to click on $100 Handcrafted Haitian Artwork on the right side of the page under Donation Levels)

Next Steps

In February, we are excited to begin preparing and shipping the Solar Libraries to our target schools in Haiti.


We are very #grateful to Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, and all of our supporters who have helped us raise nearly $14,000. We certainly could not implement this exciting project without you!

For more information, check out our campaign and website

Image: Inveneo