Avoid Social Stagnation! Get Your Whole Staff Involved in Social Media

Are you having fun and being creative on social media, or do you feel like you're just tweeting and posting the same things over and over? Maybe your library's social media presence is stagnating. Here's how to break out of that rut.

One easy way to change up your social media strategy is to think of it as an all-inclusive effort.  Over on TechSoup, my colleague Michael DeLong wrote an excellent post on "socializing" social media within an organization.  The concept is pretty simple: "When you get your organization on board with social media, your staff can become your best advocates and cheerleaders." 

So how could this actually play out in your library? Take a look at the San Francisco Public Library's Facebook page. They have a running feature called "SFPL Wants to Know,"  that shows a photo of different staff member holding a sign with a question written on it. This campaign is fabulous for a couple of reasons. First, questions prompt answers – thus encouraging participation. Second, it puts a face on the library. These are actual staff members, people the SFPL's Facebook audience might encounter one day in the library.

Another idea is to have staff take turns tweeting from your library's Twitter account. Encourage them to tweet about their own literary interests or discuss new books or library events they're excited about. Sometimes organizations can struggle to find that perfect balance of personality and promotion on social media. Bringing multiple voices into the equation will naturally create that balance.

Is your library on Pinterest? Or did you start a Pinterest account only to abandon it a few weeks later? You're not alone. It seems like many organizations, companies, and groups are still trying to figure out how to take advantage of online pinboards.  Your staff can help! Get them involved to come up with pinboards for favorite graphic novels, best-kept secrets at your library, Halloween costumes based on literary characters, and more. Create an email alias (or a good old fashioned suggestion box) and encourage staff to send in contributions. For inspiration, check out the New York Public Library's "What the NYPL Is Reading" or the O'Fallon Library's (IL) "The Librarian's List."  

Regardless of which social media tools you use, which collections you decide to highlight, or how often you post, getting your whole staff involved in social media can make your library's presence more fun and engaging.  Be sure to check what we've been doing over at TechSoup and NetSquared for Social Media September (#SocMedSep) for more tips and resources.  

How does your library do social media? Is in an all-inclusive effort? Share your advice, experience, and questions in the comments!

Image: SFPL Facebook