App it Up! Webinar Recap

On January 19, I had the pleasure of assisting in our app-inspired webinar, App It Up! You can now view a recording of the webinar on YouTube.

The App It Up! webinar featured two great speakers, Ariel Gilbert-Knight from TechSoup, and Shawn Michael of NPower. This webinar was inspired by the power and popularity of TechSoup's App It Up project, which was developed thanks to a grant from Microsoft.

If you visit the App It Up page, you'll find all kinds of app resources, including resources and a round up of cool apps.

So what is an app, anyway?

As defined by the project, "An 'app' (short for 'application') is a small piece of software with limited functionality. Apps can be used online (a web app), on mobile devices (a mobile app), or as an add-on to other tools (widgets, plug-ins, templates, and so on)."

Some great apps mentioned in the webinar are as follows. Most are free, but we urge you to do research into any and all apps included.

Library apps:

Orange County Library System Shake It! for Android

NYPL Biblion

Library Anywhere (LibraryThing)

Nonprofit and other cause-related apps:

J!ResQ (response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan)

Humane Society of Whitley County

Public Art Omaha

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