5 November 2019 - 5:46am | by Hannah Vicarage

The Best Games to Help You Learn Coding in 2019

We're told that coding is the saleable skill of the decade and also a pretty sweet pastime if you're into building your own apps or games. But traditional coding courses can be seriously dry (think the Sahara at midday in the dry season).

Luckily, the industry is always looking for ways to bring people into the fold and has developed a range of games that keep the process engaging.

Why do it the boring way when you can link into your Steam, download an app, or load up a website? There's a reason why we begin to learn with toys and games as children, and it's not just because we can't sit still for more than 20 seconds. It's because when something's more fun, it's more motivating. Plain and simple!

So, whether you're a total beginner or looking to level up your current skills, these games will help you skill up while living it up.